Aug 24

21st Century navigation

Our aircraft was fitted with highly sophisticated, multiple-redundant GPS navigation systems which allowed each flight line to be flown with unerring accuracy. Nonetheless, from the track logs it did appear that the pilot was perhaps at times a bit uncertain of his position.


Aug 22

South Gobi census – the final flight

On July 1st, after 43 days of strenuous work, we finally had to conclude our flying programme. Despite many down days, mainly from bureaucratic interventions and airport closures, we achieved two-thirds of our survey target flying 20,000 kilometers of line and capturing 80,000 image pairs.

In our census plan, we first covered the entire area at a low sampling intensity with flight lines spaced at 10 kilometer intervals, mapping the abundance and distribution of wildlife and livestock day by day. Based on this information, we then re-sampled the areas of high wildlife and livestock density.


All these data are being processed and analysed and our report will soon be released. Meanwhile, here is an initial map showing the density distributions of both wildlife and livestock.Density


Aug 04

Favourites of the week

Our team is carrying on with additional photographic analysis (20,000 more images in the past two weeks) while we start analysis of the data and producing maps. Gantulga sent me some selections of photos from this last set.

2013-06-28_1878_tulga 2013-06-24_0639_Anu 2013-06-21_1481_Anu_found 2013-06-10_1403_Gantulga_Cranes 2013-06-04_0799

Jun 28

Favourite images


After 45,000 images looked at in the past few weeks, I asked our analysis team for their favourites (cropped to zoom in on the animals). Enjoy!

Gantulga: An Argali sheep, male - with silhouette of horns in shadow.

Gantulga: An Argali sheep, male – with silhouette of horns in shadow.

Munkhdavaa: A Golden eagle.

Munkhdavaa: A Golden eagle.

Onon: A fox (probably Corsac fox).

Onon: A fox (probably Corsac fox).

Munkhzul: A Mongolian gazelle.

Munkhzul: A Mongolian gazelle, coming down from a leap.

Urangoo: Argali sheep in the hills NW of OT.Urangoo: Argali sheep in the hills NW of OT.